Pressure washing awnings

awningAwnings and blinds are a great feature of your building, either residential or commercial. They provide shade, they can be used for advertising, and they jazz up the exterior of a building. One drawback is that they get dirty easily, and unfortunately, they are not as easy to clean. Because of the flexible nature of awnings, attacking the problem with brush and soap is not necessarily the best. Pressure washing, however, is an easy and inexpensive solution to a dirty awning.Here are the steps to pressure washing an awning:

  • The first step will be to soak the awning before the proper washing. The soaking is an easy way to loosen the worst of the dirt. You will need a special nozzle called a telescoping wand, which means the cleaner will not have to climb a ladder to do the cleaning.You should not use more than 500 pounds per square inch for a job like this.
  • Awnings need detergents that are specific to the materials of which awnings are constructed. You don”t use the same stuff that you would use to clean brick face. The concentration of cleanser will depend on how dirty the awning is.
  • When cleaning, use sweeping stokes and don”t hold the jet of water in the same place for too long unless you need to clean an especially tough patch. Additionally, the awning should be cleaned from the top downward so as to prevent the dirt from streaking.
  • After the cleaning, do a simple rinse.

It is also recommended that the cleaner clean underneath the awning, as there may be a buildup of cobwebs and the like. Watch out for light fixtures and wiring!Having your awnings pressure washed is the best way to not only make your awning look great, but increase it”s lifespan as well. It may be tempting to try it yourself to save money, but there is no way of replacing the guaranteed work of a professional pressure washer.