Gutter cleaning with pressure washing

gutter pressure washingCleaning the rain gutters on your house is one of the most thankless tasks a homeowner has to face. It”s dirty, dangerous and difficult. Simple fact is that a professional pressure washer can get the job done in a fraction of the time and for a very reasonable price.Often beginners just point the pressure washer straight down the gutter. Your pressure washer should take care to not get debris all over the facade and front lawn of your home by simply doing a preliminary manual cleaning to remove the largest debris.Gutter cleaning should ideally be done at the end of autumn because that is when there will be the biggest collection. If not removed, these leaves and sticks can trap water, which will cause the gutter to back up and force the water to channel itself elsewhere, possible under the shingles of your roof.Finally, a pressure washer can simply point the jet of the nozzle directly into the downspout and can dislodge any debris clogging the path. This is something a professional cleaner can do that would be difficult for a DIY.