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Brick Restoration

832-510-3359 No doubt about it, brick and stone give a house a classic look like no other material. One good thing about brick is that it doesn”t need painting; problem is that brick gets dirty and needs to be cleaned from time to time to maintain its looks and its longevity, Things like pollution, wind …

Pressure washing vinyl siding

832-510-3359 Many homeowners choose vinyl siding for the protection it provides, but it can be difficult to clean. When it’s new it looks great, but dirt and grime can make it look dull. But the culprit is not just dirt. In humid parts of the country, mold can make your siding look dirty, Sometimes even …

Roof Pressure Washing

832-510-3359 It true that one never thinks about washing a roof, it”s only going to get dirty, right? There”s more to it than that. It”s true that a roof pressure washing will brighten things up a lot, but if you live in a damp place near a lot of trees and particularly in the shade, …