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Pressure washing vinyl siding

vinyl-siding-pressure-washingMany homeowners choose vinyl siding for the protection it provides, but it can be difficult to clean. When it’s new it looks great, but dirt and grime can make it look dull. But the culprit is not just dirt. In humid parts of the country, mold can make your siding look dirty, Sometimes even leaky rain gutters can bring it on. By having your home regularly pressure cleaned you can not only make your home look good, but you can get more years out of it.

When a pressure washer cleans vinyl siding, he first removes any objects that can get in the way like patio furniture, garden hoses and planters, and he must make sure that outlets have been covered. It is important that the water pressure not be too strong because water can work its way into the crevices in the siding. Additionally you will need a detergent that is made for pressure washing only. Problem areas may be dabbed with bleach, but only oxygen bleach should be used because it will not harm plants or animals. Finally the washer should proceed from the bottom of the building and work his way up to prevent streaking by using broad sweeping movements, with special attention paid to dirtier areas.

Having your vinyl siding home pressure washed is a great way to help your home maintain its value, but you should only go with a company that has experience.

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