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Roof Pressure Washing

roof-pressure-washingIt true that one never thinks about washing a roof, it”s only going to get dirty, right? There”s more to it than that. It”s true that a roof pressure washing will brighten things up a lot, but if you live in a damp place near a lot of trees and particularly in the shade, you will often find moss, algae, lichens and other living entities that can cause your roof to fail long before it should.\r\n\r\nThe problem with moss and lichens is that they do not allow moisture to evaporate, and thus it gets locked in and has a deleterious effect on the wood and shingles. There is not as much of an issue with tile roofs, but it is particularly bad for wood and shingle roofs. And if you live in a freezing climate, you may find the deterioration more rapid. Lichens do not pose as much of a problem as moss because lichens are not as thick as moss.\r\n\r\nAlgae in itself does not pose the same problems as lichens and especially moss. Its biggest drawback is that it makes the house look bad and run down. This is especially true of black moss, which can streak your roof. The most important thing about algae is that it can be a bellwether for other problems like the ones mentioned above.\r\n\r\nPower washing is the preferred method for cleaning moss, algae and lichens from a rooftop. As always, you will want to find a professional who knows how to properly clean roofs. Roofs shingles have protective granules that look like big grains of sand. A pressure washing with too much pressure can accidentally remove those.\r\n\r\n